Could the back side be used for showcasing a small map, a quick tip, or an attractive design?

Ah, the age-old question: to print or not to print on both sides of your landscaping business card? It’s like deciding between a simple front lawn or a wraparound garden. Let’s prune down the options and see what blossoms! Most print-shops like Vistaprint offer low prices to get your attention, but then when you want to print on the back of the card there’s an up-sell. 🚨Shameless plug warning🚨 We here at the LBC do not charge extra for printing on the back of the business cards we offer. All of our printed products are offered at both-side printing. No up-selling here!

Printing on Both Sides


  1. More Space: Utilizing both sides of your card gives you more room to share information about your business. It’s like having a double plot at the local community garden – more space to grow!
  2. Creativity and Engagement: The back of the card can be used creatively to engage potential clients, like showcasing a map to your location, a quick gardening tip, or an attractive design that represents your business. It’s like adding a vibrant splash of petunias amidst the greenery.
  3. Stand Out: Double-sided cards can make a memorable impression and help your business stand out from competitors. It’s like that house in the neighborhood with the uniquely landscaped front yard.

Pro-tip: Include a handy tool on the back of your business card such as a calendar or fertilizing info. One of our landscapers asked us to create a business card with a Watering Schedule. Here’s how: Create a simple and easy-to-read table outlining the recommended watering schedule for different types of plants or grasses. Include information such as frequency, duration, and best time of day for watering. This can serve as a handy reference for your customers to properly maintain their landscapes.

Printing on both sides of a business card can be considered eco-conscious, as it maximizes the use of the card’s surface area and reduces waste. By utilizing both sides, you are minimizing the amount of material needed for printing, which can be more sustainable in terms of resource consumption and reducing environmental impact.


  1. Cost: Printing on both sides can be more expensive. You’ll have to weigh the additional costs against the potential benefits, just like investing in a pricier, exotic plant for your garden.
  2. Overload of Information: You have to ensure you don’t overcrowd the card. You want a well-manicured lawn, not a jungle!
  3. Less Flexibility: If the back of your card is printed, it leaves no room for you or your client to jot down additional notes or details. It’s like having a garden so full, there’s no room to plant anything new!

Printing on both sides of your landscaping business card can be a fruitful decision if done right. It’s all about balance, like creating the perfect garden – a harmony of colors, shapes, and textures. Just make sure the information is helpful, the design engaging, and the layout as clean and fresh as a newly trimmed lawn. Happy designing!