Lindsey Garcia

Lindsey Garcia

Client Services Manager

Lindsey Garcia is an accomplished Client Services Manager with over 10 years of experience in the landscape branding industry. She has a unique ability to learn about a customer’s history, understand their current position, and identify where they want to go. With this information, Lindsey is able to condense it into relevant and workable information that is easily digestible for the marketing team. She is known as the concierge for most of the customers and has built strong relationships with them.

Before joining Landscape Branding Co., Lindsey worked as a project manager at a prominent landscape design firm, where she honed her skills in communication and collaboration. During her time there, she managed multiple large-scale projects, each with a unique set of requirements and challenges. Her ability to handle these projects with ease and efficiency led to several accolades, including recognition from clients and colleagues alike.

Lindsey’s experience and expertise have made her a sought-after consultant and speaker in the industry. She has been invited to speak at several industry events and has been featured in various publications for her insights on effective marketing strategies. Lindsey takes pride in her ability to listen to her clients’ needs and translate them into successful marketing campaigns that drive growth and revenue.

When she’s not working, Lindsey enjoys spending time with her family, volunteering at a local animal shelter, and traveling to new places. Her passion for learning and experiencing new things is reflected in her work, where she is always looking for innovative ways to help her clients achieve their goals.

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