Is it more cost-effective to order in bulk, or should I start with a small batch and refine the design as needed?

Oh, the sheer thrill and anticipation of embarking on a new journey! Launching your landscaping business fills your heart with the same flutter of excitement as standing on the precipice of a lush, verdant field, ready to transform it into a garden paradise! It’s a momentous leap, akin to the transition of a seed to a sprout, burgeoning with potential and eager to unfurl its leaves.

Let me share a statistic that illustrates the importance of the step you’re about to take: According to a study by Statista, 88% of U.S. respondents in 2020 said they exchange business cards upon first meeting. As we see, the humble business card remains a powerful tool in an increasingly digital world, serving as the physical embodiment of your brand’s introduction.

However, the path to creating the perfect business card for lawn service involves some thoughtful considerations. One of the very first dilemmas budding entrepreneurs like yourself face is deciding how many business cards to initially order. It’s like trying to determine how many seeds you need to kickstart a thriving garden – order too many, and you might waste precious resources; order too few, and you might find yourself bereft at a crucial moment.

So let’s navigate this path together! We’ll delve into the intricacies of ordering in bulk versus starting with a smaller batch. Each approach, much like different gardening techniques, has its own unique set of pros and cons. With a bit of thoughtful planning, we’ll ensure your business cards are as effective as a well-planned, beautifully landscaped garden!

Ordering in Bulk


  1. Cost-Effective: Just like buying seeds in bulk, ordering a larger number of business cards can bring down the per-card cost. So, if you’re planning to scatter them far and wide like wildflower seeds, this could be the way to go.
  2. Ready Stock: Having a large number of cards on hand means you’re always ready to “plant” one with a potential client. Just like having a seed packet ready when you spot a bare patch in the garden!

Pro-Tip: This is a numbers game. Do not think that every card that is passed out will be a for-sure customer. The more cards you give out the higher the possibility of landing a new customer. Leaving stacks at businesses and with friends & family help distribute your marketing message.

The conversion rate on business cards can vary significantly depending on various factors, including the design, quality, and the specific goals of the business card campaign. It’s important to note that business cards alone do not typically generate direct conversions, but rather serve as a tool to facilitate future interactions and establish connections.


  1. Design Tweaks: Like the first version of a garden layout, your first business card design might need some adjustments. If you’ve ordered in bulk, you’ll have a lot of cards with the same “oops” or outdated information.
  2. Waste: If the cards aren’t used, it can be wasteful both in terms of money and materials. It’s like ordering too many seeds and then finding they’ve gone past their sowing date.

Starting with a Small Batch


  1. Room for Improvement: Starting with a smaller order allows you to tweak and refine the design based on feedback. It’s like starting a new garden bed with a few plants and adjusting the layout as you go.
  2. Less Wastage: If you decide to pivot your business, rebrand, or change any information, you won’t be stuck with a heap of outdated cards. Just like not ending up with a sackful of unused bulbs!


  1. Higher Unit Cost: Small orders typically cost more per card. It’s like buying a single, rare plant instead of a tray of common marigolds.
  2. Reordering Hassle: If you run out quickly, you’ll need to reorder. This could mean periods without any cards on hand, just like running out of mulch mid-way through a gardening project. The LBC provides Same-Day printing at higher cost that are regular turn-around times of 5 Business Days for standard double-sided business cards. Specialty business cards such as Metallic or Suede can take up to 2-weeks.

So, it’s all about striking a balance. You might want to order a smaller batch initially, do a bit of “field testing”, and then, when you’re confident, order in bulk. Remember, just like in landscaping, the key to a great business card is growth and adaptation! If you need help designing a business card, the LBC is here to help! We have a team of talented and experienced designers that do this for a living. Regardless, if you contract us or not, I hope this information has answered your question or at least gave you something to think about. I wish you good luck on your new venture!