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Introducing our lawn care door hanger with an adorable sticky note design! Stand out from the competition and attract more customers with this eye-catching hanger. Plus, the write-in section allows for a personalized quote, making it even more appealing to potential clients. Order now and watch your business grow!

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Are there any legal restrictions when it comes to using lawn care door hangers for marketing?

There may be some legal restrictions when using lawn care door hangers for marketing. It’s important to check with local authorities and homeowner associations to ensure that the use of door hangers is permitted in the area. Additionally, certain regulations may apply to the content of the door hangers, such as avoiding false or misleading advertising.

Can you use door hangers to advertise?

Yes, door hangers can be used as an effective form of advertising. By placing a door hanger on the doorknob of a potential customer’s front door, you can promote your business and services to a targeted audience. Door hangers are particularly useful for local businesses, such as lawn care companies, as they allow you to reach out to people in specific neighborhoods or areas where you already have customers. With the right design and message, a door hanger can be a cost-effective way to get your message in front of potential customers.

Can’t hide from it!
When you hang a promo message on someone’s door, they gotta take it off to get inside. And let’s be real, they’re probably gonna bring it inside and read it. So, it’s a surefire way to get your brand in front of their eyes. Plus, it’s way cheaper than mailing stuff, so it’s definitely worth it.

Width: 3.5″
Height: 8.5″
Cut: Universal Door Knob Fit
Coating: Aqueous Coating
Card-stock: Ultra-thick 16PT
Sides: Front & Back (optional)
Color: Full Color (CYMK)
Printing Time: 5-7 Business Days
Shipping Time: 1-3 Business Days

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