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Magnet Size: 24″ X 18″

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Magnets are printed on heavy-duty material and ideally suited for truck door signage. These glossy magnets can also serve as temporary signage for construction sites or other changing work environments and offer long lasting outdoor use.

Benefits of Landscaping Magnets:

  • Magnets can last a long time. Magnets can have a greater longevity over vinyl wraps on vehicles. While car magnets are UV resistant even in the harshest weather conditions, they can easily be removed and stored away when not in use. These can be washed with detergent, air dried and reapplied to retain its look.
  • Instant mobile marketing. Your vehicle can easily be turned into a marketing tool showing people in the neighborhood your company name with form of contact. Magnets can also increase brand awareness while in traffic expanding your reach.
  • They’re movable. If the vehicle is parked in a certain location where only a certain side is visible you can easily move the magnets to get maximum exposure.

Magnets will adhere to any flat surface made of metal and work best on flat surfaces, as long as the magnetic sign is not placed on a curved surface or area that have dents even if they have been repaired.