Brown Kraft Cards


100 Brown Kraft Recycled Business Cards
Elevate your project with the eco-friendly Brown Kraft Business Cards from LBC, featuring subtle natural fiber flecks and a touch of sustainability. Crafted with 30% recycled materials, these cards offer an authentic organic look and feel. For added impact, opt for vibrant white ink on the light brown stock to enhance your text and graphics with a captivating contrast.


Brown Kraft Recycled Business Cards for Landscapers

Introducing our nature-inspired Brown Kraft Business Cards designed specifically for landscapers and gardeners. Infused with subtle flecks of natural fibers, these eco-friendly cards embody the essence of sustainability and the beauty of the outdoors. Crafted with 30% recycled materials, they offer a truly organic look and feel, aligning perfectly with your landscaping projects. To make your designs truly captivating, consider adding a pop of vibrant white ink that will enhance the text and graphics on the light brown stock, creating a visually striking contrast.

Select from a variety of sizes to suit your needs, including popular options like the US Standard 2″ x 3.5″, ensuring your cards fit seamlessly into wallets, pockets, or business card holders. Whether you prefer a square or rectangular shape, our Brown Kraft Business Cards provide versatility while maintaining their visual appeal.

The 18PT uncoated Kraft stock delivers a tactile experience, allowing recipients to connect with the natural elements you represent. With options for 4/0 (4 color front), 4/1 (full color front with white mask), or 4/4 (full color both sides) printing, you can fully customize your cards to showcase your landscaping services and expertise.

Experience peace of mind with our efficient turnaround time options, ranging from 2-4 business days to 5-7 business days, ensuring you receive your cards promptly.

Make a lasting impression and let your business cards reflect the true essence of your landscaping and gardening ventures with our nature-inspired Brown Kraft Business Cards.