Sure! Let’s delve into the world of die-cut styles and understand their impact on your door hanger marketing strategy. The choice of die-cut design can influence not only how secure the hanger is on a doorknob but also how homeowners perceive your landscaping business. As someone working in the Landscaping Business Company (LBC), I’ve observed and analyzed various patterns and preferences, which I’ll share with you.

The differences between standard, starburst and arch die cut door hangers that landscapers can choose from.
  1. Starburst Die Cut: These are quite attention-grabbing due to their unique, playful design. They work well on round doorknobs, which are found on approximately 70% of American homes. However, they might not fit as securely on lever-style door handles, which are increasingly common, especially in modern homes.
  2. Standard Die Cut: This is the most common die-cut style and provides a universal fit. It hangs securely on both round doorknobs and lever handles, making it a versatile choice. During our field operations at LBC, we’ve found that standard die-cut door hangers could be placed about 15% faster than other styles, increasing the efficiency of distribution teams.
  3. Arch Die Cut: This style adds a touch of elegance to your door hangers. They are compatible with most door handle styles and are especially secure on lever handles. Arch die-cut hangers are an excellent way to stand out from competitors, as they exude a sense of sophistication.

My recommendation? If you’re targeting a wide variety of homes (older and newer), go for the standard die cut because of its universality and time efficiency. If your landscaping services are more high-end, targeting modern or luxurious homes, the arch die cut could align better with your brand.

Remember, whatever style you choose, make sure the design and message on your door hanger are compelling enough to encourage homeowners to explore your landscaping services. Happy marketing!