Hello there! Lindsey from Landscape Branding Co. here, and I’m positively excited to share insights about the pricing for our vehicle magnets. Think of this as the planning stage of your garden, where we lay out the costs and potential returns. So, let’s cultivate some understanding together!

Custom Shape vs. Standard Rectangle Magnets

  1. Standard Rectangle: Our standard rectangular magnets, the reliable oaks of our magnet family, start at a very competitive $25 each. These sturdy standbys provide plenty of space for your message and can withstand the elements, much like a hardy shrub in your landscaping projects!
  2. Custom Shapes: Custom shapes, the exotic orchids of the group, an go for 5 times as much. These are the choice for businesses looking for something truly unique that reflects their brand. Think of them as the show-stopping topiary in a garden that makes everyone pause and admire.

Rounded Corners

  1. Pricing and Benefits: For an additional $5 per magnet, you can add rounded corners, much like softening the edges of a garden path for a pleasing aesthetic. Rounded corners are not just visually appealing, they also reduce wind lift, ensuring your mobile ad stays put, just like a well-rooted tree!

Price vs. Cost and Future Customers

  1. Price: While the initial price of the magnets may seem like an investment, think of them as the seeds you sow.
  2. Cost: The real cost is in not taking advantage of this mobile advertising opportunity. These magnets are the fertilizer helping your business grow. Just gaining one new regular client from this form of advertising can compensate for the cost and bring a significant return on your investment.

Competitive Advantage

Choosing to advertise with vehicle magnets can help distinguish your business from competitors, much like a uniquely designed landscape that stands out in a neighborhood. They offer a way to consistently and unobtrusively share your brand and contact information wherever your vehicle travels.

One of our clients at LBC, a company specializing in sustainable landscape designs named ‘EcoScape’, opted for custom-shaped magnets resembling a leaf. Even though the cost was slightly higher than a standard magnet, their unique approach caught the eyes of many eco-conscious clients. They’ve reported a 30% increase in calls and emails since they started using their magnets!

Design Services

At LBC, we believe in giving our clients options, just like offering a variety of plants to fit a landscape design. We provide free online editable templates for those who want to DIY their designs. But for those looking for a professionally tailored look, like an expertly manicured lawn, our design services are available for an additional fee starting at $50.

Landscaping vehicle magnets are an investment that can yield beautiful results. As you spread your brand’s message across town, you’re bound to attract admirers just like a beautifully landscaped garden does. I hope this helps, and if you have any more questions, I’m here with my green thumb ready to assist! Let’s sow the seeds for your business success together!