Would a modern and minimalistic design or a traditional and detailed one pique their interest more?

Oh, I love this question! Style is indeed a major factor in capturing interest and resonating with homeowners’ aesthetic preferences. Based on my experiences at LBC and our extensive market research, we have found that everyone is different! No surprise, huh? My opinion is that a company should display a style that conveys their brand persona to attract the ideal customer, but that’s not why you’re asking, right? So, let’s delve into the design style puzzle for your door hangers.

Modern and Minimalistic Design

This style, with its focus on clear, concise messaging and simple visuals, can prompt homeowners to think about their own lawns. Here are some examples:

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words“: Imagine a door hanger with a sleek design that says, “Envision a greener paradise,” paired with a simple icon of a well-maintained tree. This approach nudges the reader to imagine what their yard could look like, the “greener paradise” being their transformed lawn. It’s like an empty canvas inviting them to imagine the possibilities.
  2. Less is More“: A simple graphic of a single, strikingly green leaf with a caption, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Transform your lawn into an oasis of tranquility.”
  3. Iconic Imagery“: An icon of a perfectly trimmed hedge, accompanied by a catchy phrase like, “Unlock the potential of your lawn. Let’s sculpt perfection together.”
  4. Sleek Typography“: Bold, clean fonts stating, “Crafting Outdoor Living Spaces,” with a minimalist backdrop can instantly grab attention and spark imagination about their lawn’s possibilities.


  • Simplicity: A clean, modern design with clear messaging can be incredibly effective. It allows the essential elements—your landscaping services and call to action—to stand out. For example, our client, Green Oasis Landscaping, opted for a minimalist door hanger with a simple tagline: “Transform your outdoor space.” They experienced a 15% increase in inquiries!
  • Demographic Appeal: Modern designs tend to appeal to younger, busy homeowners who appreciate direct, fuss-free communications.


  • Lack of Personal Touch: A too-simple design might not fully convey the craft, effort, and heart that goes into your landscaping services.

Traditional and Detailed Design

Detailed images of flourishing gardens or immaculate lawns can serve as a tangible representation of what their lawns could look like. It’s like providing them with a ‘before’ and ‘after’ image, where the ‘before’ is their current lawn (which they know all too well), and the ‘after’ is the image on your door hanger. This encourages homeowners to ponder over their lawn’s current aesthetic and how it can be transformed. Here are some ideas:

  1. Lush Imagery“: An intricate, full-color illustration of a perfectly landscaped lawn filled with flowers, shrubs, and a quaint garden bench could make homeowners imagine a similar picturesque view in their yard.
  2. Before and After“: A split image showing a dull, overgrown lawn on one side and a beautifully manicured landscape on the other can visually represent the transformative power of your services.
  3. Detail-Oriented Typography“: An ornate, vintage font saying, “Breathe Life into Your Lawn,” set against a backdrop of a meticulously maintained garden can evoke a sense of tradition and attention to detail.


  • Detail-Oriented: A detailed design could include a high-definition image of a lush garden or a well-maintained lawn, instantly communicating the quality of your work. For instance, our client Blossom & Bloom saw a 25% rise in service requests after featuring their top landscaping transformation on their door hanger.
  • Nostalgia Factor: Traditional designs can evoke a sense of nostalgia, appealing to homeowners who appreciate the classic charm.


  • Risk of Overcrowding: Too many details can overwhelm the reader and detract from the key message. Balance is key!

The examples I’ve presented aim to stimulate homeowners’ imagination, enticing them to visualize the same level of aesthetic appeal and transformation in their own lawns. The design style you choose to go with, ultimately, depends on your brand identity and what you believe will best resonate with your target customers.

Now, it’s not always about picking one over the other. A fusion of modern minimalism and traditional detailing can work wonders too! Take inspiration from our client Earthly Delights. Their door hanger featured a minimal design on one side and a detailed lawn transformation photo on the other, resulting in a remarkable 35% uptick in call volume.

While these insights provide a general direction, remember that your design should ultimately reflect your brand and resonate with your ideal customer. You might consider testing different designs to see which resonates best with your target audience. Happy designing!