Absolutely! Ensuring the strength and durability of our landscaping vehicle magnets is a top priority at Landscape Branding Co. (LBC). Our goal is to make sure your mobile advertisements stay put, even at highway speeds.

Quality of Materials

The material we use for our magnets is a critical factor in their strength. At LBC, we:

  • Use a heavy-duty material for our magnets that is designed for long-term outdoor use. This material ensures that the magnets retain their magnetism and stay secure on your vehicle, even in harsh weather conditions.
  • Provide magnets with a strong magnetic pull specifically designed for vehicles. This is significantly stronger than typical refrigerator magnets, ensuring they stay put even at high speeds.

A Story from Our Customers

Once upon a time, we had a client, let’s call him “John,” who ran a small landscaping business. John had the ingenious idea of using refrigerator magnets as a kind of flyer that he could stick on potential customers’ cars. However, he quickly found that these magnets weren’t sticking to some cars and were easily blown away by wind or dislodged by minor contact. When he came to us with this problem, we explained that refrigerator magnets simply don’t have the strength to securely attach to vehicles, especially in outdoor conditions. He decided to try our vehicle magnets instead and was thrilled to find that they stayed securely in place, regardless of weather or speed.

Strength Variations

It’s worth noting that the strength of the magnet’s hold can vary depending on a few factors:

  • Not all parts of a vehicle are magnetic. For example, some car doors have a high plastic content and will not hold a magnet as well. Always test the area you plan to apply the magnet to.
  • Older vehicles or those with significant bodywork may have areas where the magnet’s hold is not as strong. We can’t guarantee the hold in these situations, but we ensure the magnetism of our product is at its strongest.

In conclusion, our landscaping vehicle magnets are designed with heavy-duty material to ensure they stay put while you’re driving. They are a step above the typical refrigerator magnet and provide a strong, resilient way to advertise your business on the go. Just be sure to apply them to a suitable, magnetic part of your vehicle, and they’ll be an asset to your landscaping business advertising efforts.