Where should the logo, contact information, and any taglines go? Design and layout, the heart and soul of a business card! The way information is presented on your landscape business card can be just as important as the information itself. Should you be all fancy and creative, or stick to the traditional layout? Let’s lay out some options, darling!

Traditional Layout


  1. Familiarity: A traditional layout (logo at the top, contact information in the middle, and tagline at the bottom) is familiar and straightforward. It’s like the well-tended, classic garden layout – it works, and people appreciate it.
  2. Easy Navigation: Clients can easily find the information they need because it’s where they expect it to be.


  1. Lacks Distinctiveness: With a traditional layout, your card might look like every other card out there. It might not stand out in a stack of business cards.

Pro Tip: To give your lawn service business card a modern twist to a traditional design, try adding a QR code. These codes are not only modern looking, but also pack a wealth of added information. You can link potential customers to an explainer video, a portfolio, before and after pictures, a download, etc.

QR Code for Landscaping Business Cards

Creative Layout


  1. Uniqueness: A creative layout allows your card to be distinctive. Imagine it like a bold garden layout – it’s unexpected and leaves an impression.
  2. Brand Reinforcement: If your brand is about creativity and innovation, a unique layout could reflect that.


  1. Potential Confusion: If your layout is too unusual, it could make it harder for clients to find the information they need.

When deciding on your design, consider your brand personality and how you want your clients to feel. If you’re all about reliability and traditional values, the classic layout might be your cup of tea. But if your landscaping services are known for their creativity and uniqueness, an innovative layout could reflect that.

Remember, darling, your business card is a direct reflection of your landscaping business. Even the font selection is a representation of your brand. The layout should not only communicate effectively but also capture the essence of your unique brand!