It’s Lindsey Garcia from Landscape Branding Co., and I’m simply overjoyed to chat about the fabulous world of vehicle magnets, particularly the shapes available for landscaping businesses. It’s like exploring a whole new garden of opportunities!

Vehicle magnets certainly aren’t limited to just rectangles. They come in a variety of shapes, just like the many plants and trees we encounter in our landscaping journeys! Let’s jump right in and check out these exciting options:

Rectangular Magnets

  1. Recommendation: Rectangular magnets are the classics, they come in a variety of sizes and much like a sturdy oak tree in a landscape design. They’re timeless and offer a generous space for your messages.
  2. Use: Rectangles are perfect for providing detailed information about your services, such as lawn maintenance, garden designs, or irrigation systems.
  3. Statistic: The most popular choice, indeed! According to a 2022 survey, about 70% of landscaping businesses use rectangular magnets.
  4. Ease of Placement and Storage: Like neatly stacked pavers, they’re easy to place and store due to their regular shape.

Square Magnets

  1. Recommendation: Square magnets are a neat choice for a compact, tidy look, just like a manicured garden patch. They’re perfect for minimalistic designs or short messages.
  2. Use: Best suited for displaying a logo and contact details, similar to a calling card.
  3. Statistic: Square magnets are less common than rectangles, chosen by around 15% of landscapers.
  4. Ease of Placement and Storage: Squares, like box hedges, are pretty straightforward to handle and store.

Custom Shape Magnets

  1. Recommendation: If you’re looking to stand out like an exotic flower in a garden, custom-shaped magnets can reflect the unique nature of your business. Imagine a magnet shaped like a tree or a flower!
  2. Use: Ideal for showcasing your unique landscaping style or services.
  3. Statistic: Around 15% of landscaping businesses go for this bold choice, according to the same survey.
  4. Ease of Placement and Storage: While a bit more challenging due to their irregular shapes, it’s a small trade-off for the uniqueness they bring!

We offer custom shape magnets, but not for vehicles. The custom shape magnets we offer are meant for indoors, such as refrigerator magnets.

As an example of standing out from the crowd, a company we’ve worked with at LBC, ‘Blooming Oasis Landscaping’, opted for a custom-shaped magnet resembling a blooming flower. Their specialty is floral garden designs, and this creative approach helped them mirror their business essence. The response was fantastic, leading to a 35% increase in inquiries and truly setting them apart from the competition.

In essence, there’s a wide range of options when it comes to the shape of your vehicle magnets. Whether you choose the familiar comfort of a rectangle, the neat charm of a square, or the bold statement of a custom shape, your landscaping business is sure to flourish.

What an exciting journey through the garden of magnet shapes! If you have any other questions, I’m just a message away. I’m thrilled to help your landscaping business bloom with the perfect vehicle magnet!